Nuria Gonzalez Alcaide | 

Butterflies Flying in The Sky

Nuria González Alcaide  is a self taught painter who likes to focus on the feelings and emotions that are in today’s society. She finds inspiration in what she captures from her friends, family and herself. 

“Butterflies flying on the sky” is an allegory about society’s desire to feel the air on our face without a mask and to hug each other. Butterflies can fly freely and dance with the air without any restriction.

Lauren O’Mahony | Actual Life

Lauren is a photographer based in West Clare, Ireland. After getting two rolls of film developed, both the pictures and the theme for this submission reminded her of Fred Again’s Actual Life album. Pulling some of her favourite samples from the album and pairing them with snapshots of friends over the pandemic, she captured a mix of the gas times that happened because of this strange situation we’ve all been in, as well as the tougher, lonelier times.

Paco Poyato | Lust Days [PART 1]

Paco Poyato is a visual artist based in Castellón, Spain. Poyato is working in Photography, and the themes of his works share interest in issues related to the current consumer society and globalization. His aim being reflecting how these two concepts alter his closest reality.

“Lust Days” addresses the theme of leisure in those group activities in which experiences that revolve around a common cause are shared, in this case the pleasure of collective fun. The reflection that arises here is how leisure can be used as a tool for power and control over the masses.

Kryštof Novotný | What it feels like for a girl [Happiness; Sex; Work]

These are selected works from a series of twenty oil paintings depicting a woman’s life. The depicted ladies come mostly from the life of Krystof Novotny. His effort is to capture women’s desires, thoughts, and feelings in individual moments, important to them, their own lives. The artist expresses his thanks for these women in this way.

Olga Zafeiropolou | Current Beings

Olga Zafeiropoulou is an artist, a self-taught ceramist and a prospective sculptor. 

Currently based in Athens, Greece.

Structural figures and vivid colours are the main features of her work.

Her goal is to unfold all hidden emotions.

Fears, insecurities, absence of unconditional love and broken smiles.

These are the flames of her inspiration, deriving from her childhood traumas.