Natalie Oliphant | Privilege

Natalie has an insatiable thirst for repurposing, reusing and recycling thousands of items onto 2D canvases and 3D body forms. All of her works tell stories of human experience and coming of age milestones. “Privilege” evokes raw emotion from the Black Lives Matter Movement.  Black and white, rich and poor, open wounds of abuse and golden jewels tell the tale of contrasts in racism.

Moisés Hergueta | Bloody Minded Communion

Moisés Hergueta has been painting since 1980, parallel to his profession as a teacher for the counselor of education and science of the board of Andalucia. He has done various works for third parties as posters, advertising, decoration of establishments, murals, artistic labeling of vehicles and musical instruments, disk covers, clothing design, ephemeral architecture.

His work is figurative in form but imaginative in content. What has no explanation, it is pathetic to try to explain. His favorite word is “ineffable”.

Toñin Lizana | Rota

Toñin is from Alcañiz, a small town in Lower Aragon in Spain. He has been director of the cultural association “Las Ranetas” for more than 20 years. Last year he created “Memories of an AI”, a production of more than 80 works of art and videos made with the help of artificial intelligence.

“Rota” (Broken) is an artistic clip made with the help of artificial intelligence and inspired by the song Rota by the singer Anajú.  

Aysha J. Nasser

Aysha J. Nasser (1990) is an interdisciplinary photographic artist. Deep diving into fine art

photography at age 18, she has been working with self portraiture for over a decade. As a

disabled artist, Aysha’s work is a reflection of her experiences and confrontations with the

pressures of social norm, collective gaze and the de-sexualization of the disabled body. Aysha lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany.

 江峰 Jiang Feng | Organ Play

The fundamental inspiration for Feng’s work is love, its beauty and complexity, while thematically, their work revolves around gender, sexuality, and race. The ideology of Feng’s works is “Family-unfriendly.”


“Organ Play 器官嬉戲” offers the audience empathic experiences of the tactile and aural sensation with the sensual choreography of the body and skin, re-imagining and re-defining human sexuality.


Our body is a sexual organ.

Our body is our sex.