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Inês Miguel Oliveira | Tarantantan

Inês Miguel Oliveira lives and works in London. In her work, she explores painting through its articulation with objects, poetry and sounds. They are riddled with narratives, brooding about the poetry of the mundane, the fragmentary nature of existence, the momentary, and self-analysis.


Tarantantan’ is a song in four parts, a visual representation of the sounds one hears during a common day. The lines, drawings and objects present originate from sounds heard or imagined.

Magdalena Bukowska

Magdalena Bukowska (Dębica, Poland, 1995) is an Artist and Fashion Designer. She graduated from University of Rzeszow, Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design and Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. She mostly focuses on painting, drawing, sculpting and designing clothes.

Lorenzo Papanti | Quantum Wave

Lorenzo Papanti (Pisa, 1989) is an italian artist. His video works and installations constitute hypothetical dimensions, digital hybrid places. The investigation of the physical and mental space represent a constant of his artistic research, aimed at defining the reality through perceptual verification, crossing performative territories and visual operations.


Quantum Wave attempts to abstract the point of view, crushing all dimensions in a translated representation, which finds no limit in the visual and sound space: it’s lost in a perennial and indeterminate undulation, in shapes and frequencies that transpose the granular plurality of reality.

Moisés Hergueta | The Grand Deceiver

Moisés Hergueta has been painting since 1980, parallel to his profession as a teacher for the counselor of education and science of the board of Andalucia. He has done various works for third parties as posters, advertising, decoration of establishments, murals, artistic labeling of vehicles and musical instruments, disk covers, clothing design, ephemeral architecture.

Marnie Glue | Flesh + Exploring Flesh

Marnie Glue is a mixed media artist with a background in painting, currently based in Cardiff. Currently her work explores the body through distortion, digital identity, objectification, and dehumanisation through malleable mediums and varied forms of presentation. 


How does the body feel? How does it feel to be flesh?  Being alive is an art in itself, a forgotten language that comes with modernity; through careful documentation of the physical body, Marnie aims to reveal and appreciate the often-overlooked details that come with being human.  

honor ash | explorations (set 3)

honor ash is an artist working to examine and deconstruct language, semantics, and form. through a varied practice they consistently pursue an answer to the question ‘what is meaning?’ and ‘what makes said meaning meaningful?’, grappling with themes of power, authority, love, disconnect, and queer alienation.


explorations (set 3) explores the question of meaning and semantic intent by combining nonsense words, real words distorted to the point of no interpretation, and forms which seem to be language yet are indecipherable. these works question the logic of contextual clues – why is it written if it means nothing? what does it mean to mean nothing? what even is meaning after all?

Amin Rafiee | New Meaning

Amin Rafiee is an architecture student by day – studying architecture and design at AZU College, Zanjan, Iran – and painter and artist by night. His ambition is to create something that has never been seen before, building bridges between architecture and different art styles; to be original, in a nutshell. Through his understanding of the world, he paints his own vision of it.