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the lover

Patrycja Pawęzowska | Twarze (Faces)

Patrycja Pawęzowska works with creative photography, art graphic, video art, installation. 

She expresses herself in terms of the widely appreciated portrait. She enjoys designing the real world of an unreal structure in the artistic field. 


Faces is a story about love and trust in other people. Pictures taken with the Polaroid Impossible I-1, Polaroid sx70 camera. 

Ryan Asbury | Switch Manifesto

Ryan Asbury is an artist living and working in Birmingham, UK. Their work explores many themes encircling the ‘inexonaivety’ of humans. The creation of ‘Switch Manifesto’ in 2020 acts as a centerpiece for my work to orbit. Exploring the narrative that queer people are evacuating Earth and seeking asylum on Pluto. 

Theo Foley | And Again

in collaboration with Ella-Rose Mills & Annachiara Vispi 

And again  

A piece for:

 the girls who know he is a tool

 the girls who have foresight

 the girls who have patience 

 the girls who know if it’s worth it

 the girls who have cried about this but you’d never know 


Theo Foley is an artist whose work combines music and theatre to tell stories of the “other”. 

Ophelia: Ella-Rose Mills

Directed + Edited by Annachiara Vispi

Script + Soundscape by Theo Foley

Robbie Doyle | An Encounter

Robbie Doyle is a writer and comedic performer from Dublin. He co-founded the comedy collective Club Valentine Comedy, and written plays and sketches that have been performed in Dublin & at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


This story is about the universal constant: love. In this tale two people from different worlds will learn that, wherever you’re from, the only way to find love is to give it, and give it openly to all you meet, no matter how far they’ve travelled to find you.

Amberly M. Simpson | Chasing Ghosts

Amberly M. Simpson is the Artistic Director of Ambo Dance Theatre, a nonprofit modern dance company local to Louisville, KY. Her work is interdisciplinary in nature, touching on social issues and the human condition.


Dancer: Amberly M. Simpson

Choreography: Amberly M. Simpson in collaboration with Joseph Brandt

Cinematographer: Jamie Florance

Producer/Editor: Maxwell Barbanell

Music: “Cold War Echo” by Kai Engel (CC BY 4.0)

Foley Artist: Gregg Barbanell

Foley Mixer: Goeffrey G. Rubay

Filming Location: Vasquez Rocks Natural Area and Nature Center (Agua Dulce, CA)