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into the physical

Reagan Ryder | Sculptures + Self portraits

Reagan Ryder is an interdisciplinary artist based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ryder works primarily in photography, analog/film processes, sculpture, and collage. Her concepts focus on intersectional feminism, identity, intimacy, and the body.

Babylamb | bodyright

Babylamb are an Irish pop quartet made up of Tobias Barry, Rían Stephens, Laoise Fleming and Cian King. Fresh-faced, queer and relentlessly optimistic newcomers who produce their own songs and are committed to making tracks for everyone and anyone. 

Leticia Zica | My Body Is 

Leticia Zica (1994) grew up in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The camera was by her side since she was an teenager. At age 14 she did her first self-portraits and since there she continued in the world of photography, exploring themes such as feminism, the surrealist movement and the brazilian culture.

Lucy Kane

Photographic artist whose practice revolves primarily around the female body and the notion of the self. Recently graduated from Arts University Bournemouth with a BA (Hons) in Photography. Currently based between Bournemouth and London.

Emily Monforte

Emily Monforte is a queer photographer based in California with a dual degree in Photography and Sociology from Wesleyan University. The humans she captures often function more as sculptural objects, molded intentionally to enhance or become a part of the landscape of her images.

Peter Ipiña

Peter Ipiña is a multi-faceted artist and graphic designer, drawing his inspiration and poetic vision for original works from social, political, and cultural situations. The son of internationally renowned Salvadoran artist Pedro Ipiña. Peter currently lives in Miami, where he creates his works, which he has already exhibited in different places such as New York, Los Angeles, Arizona and Houston.