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into the mind

Sio Sandra Jaya | Creatures of Contemplation

Painting has become part of Sio Sandra Jaya’s life journey, and social and personal themes are part of the cultivation of his artwork. He tends to represent objects, figures and landscapes, and chooses to lift the themes that are small and simple in the environment around him.

Lara Buffard

Lara Buffard is a French Baroque persona, born in Paris in 1973, based between London and Athens. She is a performance artist who incorporates symbolic and surrealistic visuals within her work.

Annachiara Vispi | dublin, may + rome, june

Annachiara Vispi is a Dublin based theatre maker from Rome, Italy. She mostly works as director, designer, and stage manager. She is also a yogi, passable pianist, and learning-to-be writer. Her work focuses on emotions, the body, and the impact technology has on them

Arthur Greene |

Long Sun (piano improvisation)

Arthur Greene is an organist/pianist/composer based in Kildare. He is currently doing a masters in music performance playing the organ in the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

 Kadiejra O’Neal |

Sorry For The Inconvenience

Born in 1992 and raised in the sunny island of Barbados, Kadiejra O’Neal is a multidisciplinary artist working predominantly in paint and photography whose practice thematically focuses on exploring physical and emotional relationships, which may shape or confront the human condition, culture and identity.