room 7

into dreams

Kate Goltseva | Limbo

Kate Goltseva is an interdisciplinary artist, Slavic by ethnicity. Her main theme as an artist is the connection between people, cultures, and nature, as well as the psychology of all those interactions. She sees the world as a wholesome structure. All of us – humans, animals, and plants – are parts of one system, and we are all random patterns of the universe. Kate moved from Ukraine to New York City in 2014; here she started creating with an array of mediums such as video, collage, painting, and installation.

Jacob Donek and Conn McCarrick | The Boy in Blue

Jacob is a fine art student at the National College of Art and Design. His creative work spans many disciplines including augmented reality, photography and motion graphics. Last year, his work was featured at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA). There, he created a 3D simulation in response to the acclaimed exhibition ‘Desire: A Revision from the 20th Century to the Digital Age.’ Currently, he is working as a freelance designer with a number of clients as part of the Studio+ internship programme at NCAD. 

Conn is an irish designer and photographer. He’s a former public relations officer of trinity arts festival and the dublin university photography association. He has worked with several different organisations around Ireland, and he has been featured in a few different exhibitions.

Sam Killian | and I just had to put the world between myself and Dublin

Sam Killian has written plays that have been put on in several venues across Dublin. He recently got one published by the IDGTF. He is a founding member of bluehouse theatre, and of Club Valentine Comedy. Recently he has been one half of musical duo Crow Mountain with Martha Knight.

Benedict Esdale | Left to His Own Devices

Ben is an actor, writer, and composer, livin’ in dirty London town. He has performed in and designed for various varying productions between Dublin and London. Recent #2020 work includes the ongoing writing project 1001, and music for Dangerous Liaisons.

Leslie Edwards | Daydreaming

Leslie Edwards has exhibited at several galleries recently including Buckland Art Gallery in the Cotswolds, Liverpool Art Fair, Surface Gallery in Nottingham and at the Met Quarter with DOT Art Gallery in Liverpool. She enjoys bringing subjects to life with a bold use of colour and has developed her own distinctive style using acrylic paint on board, painting landscapes, wildlife, world events and occasionally including humour with social commentary.