room 8

into the self

Manar Ali Hassan | Imprinting the Forces and Trapping Compulsive Figures

Manar Ali Hassan (B. 1980), is an emerging artist from Beirut, Lebanon. She obtained her master’s degree in Visual arts in 2019. Her ongoing work revolves around reshaping identities in the shadow of an unescapable painful body, where space and time collapse into one image. In her work, she utilizes different mediums and employs various techniques to explore the notion and the shape of an elusive ache as well as flickering bodies kept in a static existence by invisible forces.

Polina Welscher | Infinity + Unnamed + Captive

Polina Welscher didn’t get a special education as an artist. Art has always attracted her and has been a big mystery to her. I hope that my paintings will inspire people to live and contribute to the awakening of deep “original” emotions.

Jen Aust |  Letter to a pop vocalist (and a half-spoken elegy to what I’ve lost to time)

Jen Aust is (variously) an arts worker, stage manager, theatre artist, hospitality worker and postgraduate student.  She’s into art, pop culture, #sincerity, togetherness, and dancing at parties.

Gaia Adducchio |

Family Portraits

After studying and working for over a decade in the cinema industry, Gaia Adducchio found her expressive means in artistic photography. She worked on numerous long lasting projects and participated to important exhibitions such as Salon D’Automne and Prague Photo. “Family Portraits”, her first long term, analogue photographic project, is for history and content one of her most intimate and beloved works.

Hue Hale | Moneylands + Videoboy

Hue Hale is a visual artist originating from North Dublin City, Ireland. His work focuses on conceptualising the darkness faced in everyday life, exploring his identity and mental health. Hale frequently uses self-portraiture and his body to portray the mindset he’s in. He uses photography cathartically, as a method of therapy.