Letter 10

by Kiah Ronaldson

I’ve decided I’m giving up and I’m going to throw a party to celebrate that I am no longer going to do anything anymore!


For my party,


I’m going to lay a gingham sheet over the table in my living room, and fill big jugs with lemonade that I freshly squeezed that morning.

I’m going to get the good chairs from their stack

and borrow more from the neighbours.

And glassware, I’ll need to borrow some glasses too.


I’m going to lay out small platters of crudités:


chopped carrot batons,

chunks of cucumber,

slices of hams, cheeses, apples.

And red cabbage cold slaw.


A summer dinner.


And I’ll barbecue pork medallions,

and corn on the cob,

and veggie skewers,

and Hot Dogs!


And I’ll serve them up with mashed potato salad from Supervalu.


There’ll be green beans,


garden peas

mushy peas

sweet peas,

peas in a pod!


Jelly with ice cream for dessert,

with a Vienetta in the freezer as well.

I’ll put jelly tots on the sides and stick Flakes in the top!

And anyone can just pick whichever they want,

or both.

I’m going to put the effort in so the choice is hard.


I’m going to get ready in the nicest clothes I have

and tell everyone the dress-code is smart-casual,

so that I look the best.

I’ll pick the perfect music so that the tone is set for the night,

and I’ll be the only one allowed to choose the next song.

I don’t want anyone getting carried away.


And I’ll sit at the table, all done up,

and remember how important it is to get up and get ready.

How important a full day of getting ready is.

How fun it is.


My spread will be huge and just for me,

alone for now but not for long.


And I’ll feel like I can start again.