This helped a lot so I hope it helps you too

Letter 14

by Annachiara Vispi

Last year, I started journaling. It’s been a lifeline for a compulsive over-thinker like me; not only to have a way to analyse my thoughts and my feelings, but most importantly (as I discovered later) to change my perspective on myself and on the world around me.

I’ve had some truly wow moments. I’m sharing some of them here, as a reminder that most times, the biggest catalyst in your life is yourself.

Monday, August 10th

Woke up groggy, bad thoughts swirling in my head. I’ve realised that change always causes discomfort, but also that the discomfort will pass. Change is good. Moving forward is good. The discomfort always passes.

Sunday, August 27th 

We strolled as the sun set, and that’s when I got that feeling for the first time – autumn coming. The crisp air, walking around window shopping. Being slightly cold instead of slightly hot all the time. It made me excited for the future. I was dreading the end of summer, but this reminded me that there are times when I might not be able to predict how I feel. 

As I walked, I loved my city. I felt the exact age I’m meant to be. 

Monday, October 12th 

It helps waking up with perspective, knowing that I’m other things too, I’m a whole person, I’m complex, with other things happening for me. It can be easy to feel like that is the only thing that matters. But it isn’t.

Tuesday, November 10th 

Things take a lot less time than you think they will if you just let them happen

Wednesday, December 16th 

Remember how beautiful life is when things aren’t confusing

Thursday, January 31st 

There are so many things I can’t control. That’s okay. What I can control is my reaction to things. Keep my loved ones close. Tell them I love them. Tell them everything. Be vulnerable and strong, soft and brave.

Friday, January 29th

I walked home, slightly tipsy, and I thought whatever happens, I am me. I am here, and everything else is things that happen to me, people I meet. And they are them, too. This thought filled me with comfort. Goodbye to epicentre-me, to satellite-people I tried to gravitate towards me, to hold onto at all costs. Welcome to star-me. Part of a constellation-me.