Christopher Fluder | Unconscious Voices

Christopher is a filmmaker, photographer and poet. His photographs feature contrast and dichotomy, often with an emphasis on shadow and light. “Unconscious Voices” was photographed New Year’s Eve 2020, in Gramercy Park, New York, in the waning hours of a gathering innocent and unknowing.

Tobias Bärtsch | 

A sick Love (puke, blood, cum)

Tobias Bärtsch is an artist and writer based in Zürich. In his triptych A Sick Love, 2021 he portrays confused feelings in a cartoonishly innocent way, which can trigger a smirk in the face of the absurd present. Three kinds of bodily fluids prompt the viewer to pick their poison. Have a sick love or have nothing at all.

Vincenzo Cohen | Contamination

Vincenzo Cohen (birth name Vincenzo Curcio) is an Italian painter and photographer involved in Wildlife Conservation. He was born in Switzerland and he has a classical background. In 2002 he graduated in Fine Arts and in 2005 he held his first Solo Exhibition. In 2007 he received a second master’s degree in Archaeology. His production is eclectic and consists in the use of different media and styles. 

Aim of the piece is to raise awareness through an impactful artistic message. The artwork analyzes some environmental issues connected to Plastic Contamination, desertification and global warming. 

Annachiara Vispi | Afterparty

Annachiara is a Dublin based theatre maker and artist from Rome, Italy. Her core belief is that we are more alike than we are different. Her practice is focused on the portrayal of emotions and the familiar to explore the unfamiliar, the uncomfortable. 


Annachiara is the founder and director of Stoa Collective.

Dave Lojek |

Occurrences of Questionable Significance

Trapped in a pandemic, urban animals struggle with addiction, boredom, temperamental outbursts, cleanliness, and fetishism in this obscure postmodern film about the Anthropocene and consumerism.


Dave Lojek has created 172 movies and counts 1682 premiere screenings worldwide by 2021. His favorite genres are comedy, parody, fantasy, romance, poetry, art, and experiment. Laureate Lojek also directs documentaries, dramas, portraits, and sci-fi. His distributions won 220 film awards.

room 5

the contemplator

Juliya Obukhovskaya

Juliya is a Madrid-based self-taught mirror mosaic artist creating bold, eye-catching, statement art pieces. She’s attracted to the simplicity and versatility of geometric shapes, playing with positive/negative space and creating pieces that can be rearranged in different ways.


The process of working with mirror mosaic is a contradiction: glass is broken and then put back together. Broken glass is sharp, raw and difficult to control, however the finished pieces are smooth, collected, polished and pleasing to the eye. Each piece is a puzzle with infinite possibilities.


Anita Owsianna

Anita Owsianna was born in 1991. She is a graduate of the University of Arts in Poznań. Currently she lives and works in Warsaw. Working on a composition is probably her favorite challenge. She is inspired by textures, contrasts and color possibilities. 


This series is a dream of carefree, freedom, independence and a return to nature. No heavy topics or pains. Calming down and resetting.

Uzzo Lino | Safe Place

As a Berlin-based artist Uzzo Lino focuses on creating Fine Art. She is fascinated by perceiving beauty in everyday situations and walks through life with eyes wide open. Her love for detail, humorous little oddities, and dark sensuality is clearly recognizable in her work.


Somewhere between space and time. 

Where thoughts and visions come as soft and silent as first the morning light. 

This is where we will concur.

Giulia Spernazza | Symbolic Container of Thoughts 

Giulia Spernazza was born in 1979 in Rome, where she lives and works. She obtained the Academic Diploma in Decoration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and since 2011 she has been exhibiting permanently at the Faber Art Gallery in Rome and collaborates with Artistica Gallery in Forlì and AM Studio Art Gallery in Naples. Her works have entered the collection of the Michetti Museum in Francavilla a Mare and in the Collection of MuSa ( salò Museum, Brescia).


Here, she emphasises the temporal aspect of reading as an experience.

Tiziana Rasile |

Vibration in light

The Pearly absent

In the glow that caresses the moment

Tiziana Rasile holds a degree at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, specialising in Techniques of Museum Merchandising.


Her work searches for light through chromatic vibrations where the being appears in its ancestral essence. She believes in art that embraces infinite points of view. A brushstroke can be an electron that vibrates, a sound wave, a rhythm of light, water and air together. The time where life flows. Simplify the soul in search of the uncontaminated.

Mitra Tashakori | Legend of Motifs 

Mitra Tashakori was born in 1975 in a religious city in Iran. She holds a BA from the University of Arts in Tehran, and was a conservatory teacher for a long time. 


    “The beginning of this series started with an old book; an old book that I wanted to give another color and smell to; the color and smell of today’s material.

I would like to convey a message full of peace, friendship, reconciliation and peace to humanity and all the people of the world.  Whatever the writings in the book, there is a message of peace within them, even if our language is not common. The images are the common language of all human beings and the inner sense is transmitted through them.”

room 5

into healing

Sarah Tompkins | Breather

Sarah Tompkins is an Ottawa-based artist. She began development on this collection while working out of a live-in studio in Washington D.C. last year. The Breather series evolved as an experiment in using art as therapy, both in its creation and its consideration. She is concerned with inviting the viewer to take a momentary break, or a “Breather,” to assess their current mental state.

Sarah O’Sullivan | Comfort Films

Sarah O’Sullivan is a writer from Dublin who studied English and Drama at Trinity College, graduating in 2019.While primarily interested in scriptwriting, she also dabbles in fiction and non-fiction hoping something someday will stick. She most often explores themes of feminism, relationships, and communication in the digital age within her work, although really she just hopes to write something halfway honest.

Tomaz Standeker | Subtilior

Tomaz Standeker (1977), Maribor, Slovenia EU, musician and video artist, in 2013 formed “Tod den Maschinen”, an audio-visual project. His former work was mainly theatre and film music. 

“Subtilior” is a visual interlude with music by Tod den Maschinen, filmed in various Slovenian castles, monasteries and its parks.

Ally Zlatar | The Value of Lightness

Exploring  art making as a methodology that suggests the human condition is more complex than it is currently understood, Alexandria (Ally) Zlatar examines, instigates and provokes notions of the individual experience. She focuses on philosophical discourse, body image, embodiment & ethics.

Ally Zlatar | The Value of Lightness

Exploring  art making as a methodology that suggests the human condition is more complex than it is currently understood, Alexandria (Ally) Zlatar examines, instigates and provokes notions of the individual experience. She focuses on philosophical discourse, body image, embodiment & ethics.