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the survivor

Judy Young |

‘Young Hats’ a spinoff from Young Hoops

Miss Young is a practicing artist in circus and theatre aka Young Hoops. She moved from Australia to Amsterdam in hopes to find a circus to tour with, alas, her dream was thwarted by Covid-19. She stayed afloat by spinning her secondhand haberdasheries into a hat collection. 


Young Hats uses 100% recycled materials that are handpicked to mimic royal theatre curtains and clown pants. 


Photographer: Juliette Garms

Stylist: Judy Young

Models: Jouke A.Fleege, Tamara Da Fies, Ayoub Ouchkif, Pam Schokker, Manon Wilkens


Vivi is a mixed media artist from Nairobi. Her object looks at the limitations of archiving during unprecedented times. She does this by boldly exploring and documenting how the pandemic and situations like lockdowns make her feel everyday.

Atefeh Fahiminasab | Untitled

Atefeh Fahimi Nasab was boin Tehran in 1990. She studied art at the University of Tehran, and so far she has participated in more than 20 exhibitions inside and outside the country. 


Atefeh is a woman, an artist and a lover of all beauties. Here she presents society’s view of women. Women are depicted with limited colors and wobbly lines, expressing fear and surrounded by darkness, but still standing with beautiful eyes, a deep and hopeful look, but still without strength. The hope is that women will laugh out loud without fear and be themselves; that they will not be forced to wear a mask and be badly judged based on the thoughts of others and that they will not be looked down upon. The hope is that one day full equality between men and women will be achieved.

Zoë Jackson McGrath | Metamorphosis

Zoë is a law graduate attempting to navigate these laughably limiting times by focusing on the things that can’t be taken away even in a world at a standstill. One such thing being words and the infinite way in which they can be arranged to express anything. 


Metamorphosis was written in a forgotten notebook of poetry written aged 18, and still struck a chord when found 5 years later. It reflects a desire for a life that is dynamic, in suggesting that happiness can be found through growth and change, whether to surroundings or internally.


Sinéad Mooney is a poet and playwright hailing from Kildare, currently in her second year of Communication Studies in Dublin City University. The primary themes of her work are identity, change, gender, and the searing, gut wrenching emotions associated with being young and painfully alive in the modern era.


This is an ode to the violent grace of choosing to erase, delete, wipe, start over. Change is terrifying, but exhilarating; destructive, yet full of renewal and promise. Once our current pandemic era comes to a close, it is vital that we do not simply return to our bad personal, spiritual, and creative habits of old. Everything not saved will be lost– but that loss can transform into rebirth.

Fatima Razavi | Knife Dance

Seyedehfatemeh Razavi was born in Iran and moved to the UK, where she lives now. She studied sculpture and she is currently studying Fine Arts at Middlesex University.


This idea came to her at the beginning of quarantine. This painting was reactive of her feelings of being locked down in her house. She was expecting difficult times like everyone else. And she was questioning myself and the world around me.

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into confinement

Rey Sagcal | Tub + Single Cell

Rey Sagcal is a Filipino artist creating illustrations, video art, photography, and graphic design. He graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in Illustration and he’s currently residing in Baltimore City, USA.

Marcus Bateson | I’ll Need A Hug When This Is Over

Marcus is a writer and theatre maker based in West Cork. He has been writing plays and poetry since he was sixteen, when he joined a local drama group. Since then he has studied Drama and English Literature in Trinity College Dublin, and his work has been staged in various venues around Dublin. His work tends to focus on queer narratives, exploring the relationship between mental health, loneliness, capitalism and LGBT identities.

Katerina Bortsova | Quarantine time

At present time Kateryna Bortsova is a painter – graphic artist with BFA in graphic arts and MFA. Works of Kateryna took part in many international exhibitions (Taiwan, Moscow, Munich, Spain, Macedonia, Budapest etc.). Also she win silver medal in the category “realism” in participation in “Factory of visual art”, New York, USA and 2015 Emirates Skywards Art of Travel competition, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Romana Testasecca & Karen Killeen | Outside Inside

Romana Testasecca is an actor, director, maker and fitness instructor. Karen Killeen is an actor and director based in Dublin, currently studying the MFA in Acting at Yale University, CT. Romana and Karen founded the theatre company Rosebuds, and created devised shows such as S Y R I U S and Click to Subscribe. 

Ella-Rose Mills | Landing + Self Portrait

Ella is currently in her final year at Trinity College studying World Religions and Theology. Art and theatre have always been a passion of hers; she learnt to read by practising scripts and used to draw the magazine covers I found round the house. She was drawn to Theology not for the spirituality but for the art, the history and the ritual.She  discovered that the way religions address those nagging thoughts on the nature of life and what it means to be human fitted well in what draws her to art in the first place; an attempt to express and understand ourselves, others and the world. 

Zoë Jackson McGrath | Fireworks

A law graduate currently avoiding a direct career progression by quarantining in an attic room in Dublin 8 and living her manic pixie dream girl fantasy. Zoë has been writing since school but not doing all that much with any of the work until a couple of months ago. Since then she posts the odd essay and maybe a bit of notes app poetry if she’s feeling brave. A couple of lil magazines have been kind enough to post a piece or two of hers and hopefully that trend will continue.